Using extremely fine nets, the Ultrasonic system allows the separation of very light dust types, typically really hard to screen. 

Some types of dust, due to their particle size and special physical characteristics, cannot be separated effectively with the mechanical movement of the vibrating screen alone, thus requiring an ultrasonic screening procedure.
The ultrasonic system solves these problems, thanks to the application of an ultrasonic frequency directly on the sieving wire. The help of ultrasonic vibration allows the mechanical movement of the separator to sieve even with extremely fine nets and avoids clogging.

– Increased productivity:
The combined use of the ultrasonic system together with the vibrating screen achieving the best sieving results.
– Better performance of the vibrating screen:
Use of finer screens to improve the separation of the finest dust.
– Lower maintenance costs and longer net life:
the ultrasound system, unlike mechanical mesh cleaning systems, does not exert any wear action on the nets. The duration of the nets is significantly longer and downtime for the replacement of nets is reduced.
– Ease of adjustment:
the automatic frequency control automatically chooses the most suitable frequency. There is, therefore, no need to change the machine set-up when the products to be sieved are changed.

Resulting Sieving Dimensions
– 0.250 mm to 0.025mm (25 micron)


Main Industry sectors of application

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Liquid and Powder paints and pigments
  • Mining industry
  • Abrasive material
  • Cosmetics


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