Flexible Connections


Silend is the flexible connection by Sterivalves ideal for all production processes that foresee possible vibrations or slight off-axis movements when moving the finished product or the production material. In fact, thanks to the rubbers that constitute it, Silend can absorb these vibrations while maintaining its integrity. It is realized through vulcanization with TC connections (according to the British standard 4825). All Silend components are designed to be perfectly traceable, for a constant guarantee of quality, and can be easily disassembled and reassembled, for eventual cleaning and maintenance operations. All Sterivalves products guarantee qualities of lightness, essentiality and compactness in order to always assure easy inspection, cleaning and sterility. Silend is reinforced by clamps with TC profile that facilitate the centering and ensure a perfect connection.



Translucid silicone, conductive EPDM (<103 Ω), EPDM, FKM (Viton ®)

Dimensions 4" H

ND 70, 100, 200

Dimensions 6" H

ND 65, 100, 200

Dimensions 8" H

ND 70, 100, 200

Dimensions 10" H

ND 100



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