Fine dosing

This valve is an alternative to the Rotodoser valve (our fast feed and fine dosing valve), which shares with Rotometering an important part of its design: it consists of two coaxial dosing parts (actuated independently), which determine flow of the product and its dosage.
While in both valves the main rotor ensures flow control, Rotometering precise dosage is no longer volumetric (entrusted to a mini rotor that discharges pocket after pocket as in the Rotodoser), but gravimetric (made by an open auger screw -or hydraulic screw- that guarantees continuous flow). In addition, as the auger screw is open, it will allow easy cleaning during maintenance procedure.

Actuation: MAIN ROTOR

Pneumatic actuator

Actuation: Auger screw

Pneumatic or electric motor


Quick Release System

Body & Rotor material

Stainless steel EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L)*


Internal mirror polish Ra <0.5 μm

External sanding Ra <1.2 μm


ND 150, 200

Gasket material

Translucid silicone, EPDM, conductive EPDM, FKM (Viton ®)


Our valves are designed for each component to interlock with one another perfectly, creating a gapless match, and preventing the product from storing within, therefore averting product cross-contamination.

From metal powder to the delivery of the final product, we trace and document all events associated with each part and component, to provide full traceability for all our products. This is particularly important in the pharmaceutical and food industry, to assure the quality of production lines and trace down possible issues to quickly intervene and solve related problems.



Easy assembly and disassembly

No-tool installation and assembly

Reduces risks of external contamination

Reduces cleaning time

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