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SafeSeal Closure System

The manual closure system from Lugaia consisting of clip, crimping and cutting tool, is the affordable solution to seal continuous liners. The user benefits from low investment and maintenance costs. The SafeSeal closure guarantees OEB-Level 5 values in combination with our continuous liner systems and is therefore one of the best manual closure systems.


SafeSeal Pneumatic Tool

With the SafeSeal Pneumatic Tool, a closure system has been developed which is characterized by simple operation, high working safety, universal usability and high quality.
containment Level OEB 5 (<1µg/m3) is ensured in  combination with the SafeSeal closures and the films of the continuous-liner system. The SafeSeal Pneumatic Tool is used in end of line packaging applications and complies with the following features:


SafeSeal Toolset

SafeSeal Toolset

The SafeSeal Toolset is a locking system which is characterized by ergonomic handling, high work safety, universal usability and quality.
The SafeSeal Toolsets are available as standard as well as Premium INOX version.

SafeSeal opener

The SafeSeal opener completes the handling with this system.
A closed crimp (closure) can be reopen without additional cutting.
The closure can be removed safely and with ease.
The SafeSeal opener is available in 3 sizes, matching to the SafeSeal closures.


SafeSeal protection cap and suspension system

In order to further develop the SafeSeal product range in reference to safety and ergonomics, the system has been expanded with the availability of an additional protective cap and a practical suspension system.


The protection cap

The practical suspension system



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