The Rotoflexi valve is dedicated to the feeding of fragile products such as capsules, tablets, beads and all those elements that can be easily damaged by the movement of a steel rotor. In fact, the silicone coating allows for greater sensitivity of the rotary component. Moreover, unlike traditional systems, the structure and assembly of Rotoflexi allow easy cleaning, as well as very simple maintenance. These features ensure that the installation of our valve significantly optimizes the operation of the entire plant, with beneficial consequences on the entire production process.

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Rotovalve Light

Rotovalve Light is the rotary valve by Sterivalves designed for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Rotovalve Light is assembled in order to be dedicated to feed and control in a continuous way the unloaded flow, without losing its qualities in the long term use. Thanks to the alternating rotary movement, the valve favours the homogeneous unloading of the product, allowing a high precision production, without any waste neither of raw materials nor of the finished product.

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