SafeFlex Isolator

Lugaia Containment Solutions has set priority during development of the SafeFlex isolator on easy handling, high labour safety and universal in use. Our isolators are conceptualized, custom made and are suitable for dispensing, sampling and feed processes as well as special applications. The SafeFlex film-material offers a safe protection with high tear resistance and optimum properties for manual handling with tools. After the process, the isolator is closed and can be easily disposed of. The cleaning and validation effort is thus reduced by a multiple.

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SafeSeal Systems

The manual closure system from Lugaia consisting of clip, crimping and cutting tool, is the affordable solution to seal continuous liners. The user benefits from low investment and maintenance costs.
The SafeSeal closure guarantees OEB-Level 5 values in combination with our continuous liner systems and is therefore one of the best manual closure systems. With the SafeSeal Pneumatic Tool, a closure system has been developed which is characterized by simple operation, high working safety, universal usability and high quality.

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This valve is an alternative to the Rotodoser valve (our fast feed and fine dosing valve), which shares with Rotometering an important part of its design: it consists of two coaxial dosing parts (actuated independently), which determine flow of the product and its dosage.
While in both valves the main rotor ensures flow control, Rotometering precise dosage is no longer volumetric (entrusted to a mini rotor that discharges pocket after pocket as in the Rotodoser), but gravimetric (made by an open auger screw -or hydraulic screw- that guarantees continuous flow). In addition, as the auger screw is open, it will allow easy cleaning during maintenance procedure.

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SafePort TransferBag

With the Safeport Bag, we present the cheapest one way product with OEB 5 (<1 µg pro m³) Containment Level. Lugaia Containment Solutions has placed the highest priority on easy handling, high safety, universal usability and quality in the new development of the SafePort Bag. The design of the SafePort Bag is made for no products waste and guarantees a high yield of your product.

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Transfer Bag

The Lugaia TransferBags meet the high requirements
of the pharmaceutical and biotech sector.
Standard versions are available in a permanently
antistatic film. If desired, the bags can be made from a
customer-specific film in the clean room. The design of
the TriClamps guarantees a complete emptying of the
bag and thus ensures the maximum product yield.

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Liner Carrier Systems

Liner carriers, on the one hand, form the interface between the outlet and the continuous film package, and guarantee otherwise appropriate handling and protection. For each application specific requirements apply which we have taken into consideration when designing our standard carriers. This way, we can ensure maximum operational safety and easy of use.

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Automatic Controls

Sterivalves offers products of unique quality targeted for handling both with pneumatic actuators and with pneumatic or electric gearmotors. All products are designed to be perfectly traceable from the beginning to the end of the production process. They are also assembled in such a way as to facilitate inspection and cleaning operations. Thanks to the application of clamps, assembly and disassembly are quick and easy, allowing you to work safely at all times. Our products for automatic handling comply with the main Italian and foreign regulations in force regarding production processes and materials used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. In any case, the customer always has the possibility to request further certifications in order to guarantee the maximum quality of its products. Our automatic handling machines can also be customized according to the customer’s needs and to the characteristics of the plant in which they are to be installed.

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Light and resistant, drums by Sterivalves are sanitary. The drum has clamp closure for its lid and other accessories on request, such as handles, trunks and visual indicators. In fact, as all Sterivalves products, also our drums are fully customizable, since our company always pays the utmost attention to the needs of each customer.

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The High Containment Sterisplit is the high containment butterfly valve by Sterivalves for the safe transfer of potentially toxic or sterile products. The combination of an active and a passive component, both provided with a semi-butterfly with gasket, allows a perfect coupling, guaranteeing the full seal during the transfer of the product. All the components of the High Containment Sterisplit are assembled in such a way that they can be easily inspected and safely cleaned, preserving the sterility of the treated materials and the isolation of toxic products. High containment Sterisplit by Sterivalves is suitable for all applications where it is necessary to preserve the safety of the operator and the quality of the product. Our valve is perfect for the processing of very delicate and potentially dangerous substances such as any kind of active substance, hormones, antibiotics, injectables, toxic products.

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