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LIGHT, COMPACT AND ESSENTIAL Our products are light, facilitating the handling, to accommodate the operational needs of the industries for which they are intended; compact, because they are designed so they can be used in narrow places, and essential, because their excellent ergonomic design consists of no small parts (washers, screws, locking rings, etc.) thus avoiding contamination and loss of components.
EASE OF ASSEMBLY AND REMOVAL One of the main features of our products is the ease of assembly and disassembly without tools, due to its simple construction.
PRACTICAL FOR CLEANING, ALLOWS FOR EASY STERILIZATION Design free of recesses and interstices with surfaces designed to retain no residues, preventing the formation of bacterial load and allowing easy and effective cleaning. All our valves allow SIP, CIP and WIP.
GUARANTEED QUALITY MATERIAL SteriValves’ products meet the highest safety and reliability standards and criteria, and are meticulously designed and comply with national and international guidelines, technical standards and certifications. In addition, SteriValves is able to provide documentation and certificates of quality and compliance with the following guidelines:
  • Good Manufacturing Pratice (GMP)
SteriValves’ work system is based on the full traceability, which means that for each product it is possible to trace the origin, production path and events that have occurred, making it possible to provide evidence of one’s own identity in a complete documentation in six languages (Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and French). This procedure gives the customer an added value: each product, accessory or component of SteriValves and imported by INOVINOX can be easily identified, to be replaced or repaired, minimizing all risks and maximizing security.
  • ATEX 2014/34 / EU (Explosion Risk Control for equipment and systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres)
  • US Food and Drug Administration Certification (FDA) (Compliance for pharmaceutical and food use)
  • Certificate of Inspection 3.1 in accordance with EN 10204 (compliance of the material)
We are able to provide additional certifications on our products and systems upon request. Our manufacturer, Sterivalves Srl works in accordance with quality criteria of both work processes and work environment (ISO9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007).


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